England Intermodal ready to hit the rails

England Logistics, a unit of Salt Lake City UT-based C R England, recently launched England Intermodal, which will offer refrigerated, private equipment on selected routes.

According to Sean Snow, C R England’s vice-president of England Logistics, "Our initial focus will be on our current customer base. These customers are familiar with our current product offerings, and we want to inform them that we now have additional capacity to better serve their needs. Not only will we provide these customers with optional equipment in capacity markets, but we will also afford them the flexibility of shifting easily between a purely truck movement and a truck-rail mixture."

Though in discussions with other railroads, the primary railroad to be used by England Intermodal is the Burlington Northern Santa Fe. BNSF was selected not only because of its reliable service but also because of its other strengths including soft lift capability at rail ramps and articulated cars to virtually eliminate freight damage. Headquartered in Fort Worth TX, this railroad operates 33,500 route miles of track covering 28 states and two Canadian provinces.

Using its own drivers for drayage purposes as well as new 53-foot air-ride refrigerated intermodal trailers equipped with 120-gallon extended range fuel tanks and satellite tracking, England Intermodal will provide real-time tracking and tracing capabilities from pick-up to delivery.

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