Essen Transport uses Kenworth T700s

Essen Transport uses Kenworth T700s

Based in Winkler, Manitoba, Essen Transport Ltd provides effective supply chain management that delivers refrigerated cargo and general freight across North America.

With a fleet of more than 50 trucks, mostly Kenworths, Essen’s major transportation route runs north-south from Canada to the Gulf Coast. To assure on-time dependability, good fuel economy, and low-cost operation, the company recently purchased eight new Kenworth T700s.

“There’s really no comparison between Kenworth and other trucks we’ve tried,” said Nathan Elias, second-generation owner of Essen Transport. “We like the T700 for driver comfort, and for reliability and fuel economy, the only engine I’ll buy is the Paccar MX engine.”

When ordering new trucks, Elias’s top priority is attracting and retaining good drivers. The company has been running Kenworth T660s with Paccar MX engines for more than a year and appreciates the added fuel efficiency. Now, with the T700 in the fleet, Essen gets excellent aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, as well as roomy comfort bigger drivers prefer.

“Drivers really like the wide-bodied cabs and larger interiors of the T700,” said Elias, who specs 75-inch Aerodyne sleepers with Diamond VIT interiors. Nearly 30 inches between the driver and passenger seats allows easy access to the spacious sleeper with eight-foot ceiling and 60-plus cubic feet of storage space.

Drivers also appreciate the styling and quiet comfort of the T700. Hauling 80,000 lbs of frozen food products from Manitoba to the Texas Gulf Coast, Essen’s T700s easily cut through 1,500 miles of flatland powered by Paccar MX 485-hp engines and 13-speed transmissions.

“We have a standard spec with our Kenworth dealer, Custom Truck Sales–Winnipeg,” said Elias. “I tell them that we want a truck that does 65 mph, fully loaded. Fuel mileage is important to us, and the T700s with Paccar MX engines are helping us attain higher mpg across the entire fleet.”

Through the PacLease program, Essen trades its trucks every three years, allowing the company to maintain a new fleet that attracts and keeps drivers.

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