Heyl Truck Lines chooses to deploy SmartDrive's platform

Heyl Truck Lines chooses to deploy SmartDrive's platform

SmartDrive Systems, a provider of driving performance solutions that reduce collisions and improve fuel efficiency, announced that family-owned international freight hauler Heyl Truck Lines has deployed SmartDrive’s video-based safety platform.

Following a competitive assessment of video safety solutions, Heyl selected SmartDrive to help the fleet protect every one of its drivers by identifying high-risk incidents and enabling proactive coaching to reduce collision frequency, improve safety and reinforce good driving skills. Heyl cited the SmartDrive team’s deep domain expertise in video-enabled fleet safety and outstanding customer service and support as key factors influencing the fleet’s decision.

“Our drivers are the heart of our company, and they are essential to our success. We selected SmartDrive to ensure we can exonerate drivers when they’re not at fault and consistently coach them for continuous improvement,” said Mackenzie Heyl Schaffert, controller at Heyl. “By engaging drivers early in open dialogue about the benefits of video-based safety, we were able to alleviate any concerns they may have had, while educating them on how the SmartDrive solution works and assuring them our goal is protecting them from false claims.”

Established in 1949, Heyl is a for-hire refrigerated carrier that runs local and regional hauls as well as over-the-road routes. With 380 company trucks, the firm is dedicated to providing consistent quality service and was an early adopter of technology solutions designed to optimize customer service, fleet safety, and regulatory compliance.

Ensuring driver acceptance was paramount to Heyl’s decision to deploy SmartDrive. Company leadership took a strategic, multi-pronged approach to driver communication in advance of implementation. Among the tactics Heyl employed to ensure driver engagement were a letter explaining the objectives of the program, customized training video, frequently asked questions document, detailed training presentation, and a series of driver messages informing them of the training and information resources. Before and during the rollout, drivers were encouraged to call fleet management with questions or concerns. These efforts, combined with personal one-on-one training during vehicle installation, contributed greatly to the successful fleetwide adoption.

SmartDrive Defender, a dual-camera configuration with road-facing and cab views, offers Heyl protection against false claims while delivering insight to improve driving behavior, fleet safety and operational efficiency. With the ability to capture incidents accurately and offload immediately for review, Heyl is now better able to protect its drivers in case of a collision. SmartDrive’s easy-to-use safety program is customized to Heyl’s specific goals and coaching priorities, speeding adoption and delivering faster return on investment.

For more information, go to www.smartdrive.net.

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