ICF sponsors women in transportation group

ICF International, a provider of consulting services and technology to government and commercial clients, has committed to becoming a sponsor of WTS International, the association for global advancement of women in transportation.
This sponsorship represents a commitment from ICF in support of the association’s programs and operations internationally.
“ICF is pleased to sponsor WTS and to promote the attraction, retention, and advancement of women in the transportation and infrastructure fields,” said Kristen Klovsky, ICF vice-president. “With a shared dedication to this important mission, we are confident we will continue to celebrate an increasingly diverse workforce both at ICF and throughout the industry. ICF professionals are currently active in numerous WTS chapters across the United States. We see this relationship with WTS as a logical and valuable extension of our mutual efforts to attract and retain the brightest and best women for our firm and for the transportation industry.”
WTS has been an active voice in the transportation industry since 1977, when its founders realized that professional development and recognition were needed to create industry and government advancement of women in transportation. In the 37 years since then, the association has grown to an international network of nearly 6,000 transportation professionals, including both women and men. Much of the networking, professional development, and industry collaboration that happens at the association within its local chapters and on an international scale depend greatly on support from both the private and public sector.
“WTS is honored to have ICF International join the roster of organizations that have committed to supporting the mission of WTS International,” said Marcia Ferranto, president and chief executive officer of WTS. “This new relationship will impact our programming across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom over the next year. We take pride in these relationships as we continue to grow in these countries with strategic plans for further global expansion. The workforce development initiatives supported by ICF and others to attract, retain, and advance women in transportation make an impact on the world’s infrastructure.”
Access www.WTSinternational.org or www.icfi.com/ to obtain more information.

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