ICT Holdings continues expansion

ICT Holdings Inc is continuing its expansion with three core divisions: a Dry Van Division, Flatbed Division, and Refrigerated Truck Division.

The company now has a fleet of 30 refrigerated trucks and recently invested in new refrigerated trailers. ICT has also grown its flatbed truck fleet to 40 trucks and is looking to expand in 2013.

Since 2011, the company has grown to more than 100 trucks and 140 trailers, and sales have grown 427%.

“It is our goal to be able to provide any form of transportation to transport any goods, anywhere in the country safer and more reliably than anyone else,” said Patrick Sacor, chief executive officer and chairman of ICT Holdings. “With the opening of our Arkansas office last year, we are doing just that. Because our refrigerated and flatbed trucks will be running out of our Chicago control center and our Arkansas office, we will be able to provide clients with greater range and the safety and reliability they seek.”

ICT plans further expansion with more satellite offices strategically located nationwide. Having satellite offices will make it more manageable for companies to follow government regulations for hours behind the wheel by dropping off loads at satellite locations, while other drivers pick them up and take them to their final destinations. Doing this improves service, increases driver morale, and most importantly, allows ICT to maintain and even increase safety standards and safety record, while also getting goods delivered on time.

For more information, visit www.ictholdingsinc.com or call 630-652-9000 extension 211.

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