Kennesaw plans to equip entire fleet with EpicVue

Kennesaw plans to equip entire fleet with EpicVue

EpicVue, provider of in-cab satellite TV packaged exclusively for the trucking industry, announced that Kennesaw Transportation is outfitting its entire fleet of more than 200 tractors with EpicVue inMotion.

“Providing EpicVue, on top of the service, bonuses, and other amenities we already offer will make a big impact on driver retention and recruitment,” said Kelley Jones, director of recruiting at Kennesaw. “While we currently have no empty seats and have a low turnover rate of about 40%, the driver shortage impacts us at times. EpicVue is something we can provide that is unique. Based on the level of excitement among our drivers already, we know it will help boost retention, and when our drivers start talking about it on the road we believe EpicVue will become a valuable recruiting tool.”

Based in Rydal GA and founded in 1981, Kennesaw is a truckload carrier of temperature-controlled freight. The company fields 200 late-model tractors and is adding 20 trucks to its fleet in 2016. The driver roster at the carrier includes about 140 teams hauling loads to the Southwest, Northwest, and West Coast and 60 single drivers operating between the Midwest and Eastern states.

“We’re team-oriented, so when we first looked at EpicVue about a year ago we decided to wait for EpicVue inMotion so the off-duty driver can watch TV in the sleeper while the other is driving,” said Jones. “It’s another way we can provide equipment that will attract drivers. It can cost us $3,000 to recruit a single driver and as much as $7,000 to hire a new team, so we’re certain that we will have a very fast return on investment with EpicVue.”

EpicVue in-cab satellite TV systems are now being installed at the Kennesaw shop during routine maintenance. The EpicVue package includes more than 100 channels of DIRECTV programming, including premium channels such as HBO/Cinemax, SHOWTIME, and the NFL Sunday Ticket. In-cab satellite TV systems are offered to fleets with 20 or more vehicles for a monthly subscription fee of $49 under a five-year contract or $59 monthly for a three-year contract.

“With the ability to give off-duty team drivers TV to watch while the truck is moving, and the capability to record a show while the vehicle is in motion so the on-duty driver can enjoy a program later, the interest in EpicVue inMotion for companies with teams and single drivers is not surprising,” said Lance Platt, chief executive officer of EpicVue. “The decision by Kennesaw Transportation to equip its entire fleet with in-cab satellite TV systems also shows how EpicVue can boost driver retention and help recruit new drivers.”

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