LogiView to the rescue

LogiView to the rescue

Hermann Warehouse clients getinstant access to shipment data


Hermann Warehouse Corporation makes handling a list of industrial and consumer clients’ needs look easy.

With more than one million square feet of warehouse space in six warehouses, Dayton NJ-based Hermann manages third-party logistics (3PL) supply chain services for a variety of clients and projects. Hermann’s warehouses can easily be accessed by major interstates and directly by both Norfolk Southern and CSX railways. The company has a major presence in the Northeast, making it a suitable warehouse company for a variety of businesses.

In particular, Hermann’s warehouse space provides appealing options for a variety of food distributors in the region.

Specialty food business The Manischewitz Company uses Hermann’s warehouse system for storage and delivery of many of its food brands, including Manischewitz, Mother’s, Guiltless Gourmet, and Asian Harvest. Because of the large variety of products The Manischewitz Co carries, the orders it sends Hermann can easily have nearly 100 line items for products bound for grocery store shelves.

Before implementing LogiView, inputting these orders into the Hermann system would have been completed by hand—a tedious and mistake-prone process, especially during the company’s busy season.

For The Manischewitz Co, the ability to instantly access detailed information about its orders and products’ whereabouts is a key to doing business. When the company started working with Hermann, it lacked a comprehensive system for managing its product shipments themselves. But Hermann came to The Manischewitz Co’s rescue with LogiView, Cadre Technology’s hosted supply chain visibility and monitoring system.


Hermann had been using Accuplus, the warehouse system mainstay for the 3PL industry from Cadre Technologies, to control warehouse operations for years. Charley O’Neill, an administration and support professional for Hermann, had seen Cadre’s LogiView system in development and knew its added supply chain visibility would be a benefit for clients such as The Manischewitz Co.

Once The Manischewitz Co experienced LogiView’s intuitive system for managing and tracking orders, it proved not only a benefit for the client, but also for Hermann, especially when partnered with the Accuplus warehouse management system.

Companies like The Manischewitz Co used to contact their Hermann customer service representative to get detailed shipment information when they needed it. Looking up this information was a complicated and time-consuming process, and clients often needed facts quickly so they could answer their own clients’ questions. But with LogiView, a system that links effortlessly to Hermann’s main warehouse system Accuplus, Manischewitz Co employees now have direct access to the shipment information they need.

The Manischewitz Co can now submit orders via the LogiView electronic data interchange. Since LogiView communicates directly with Accuplus, orders are accurate and processed seamlessly. The process saves Hermann employees valuable time.

“If we had to sit there and type in 80 line-item orders manually, it would take forever,” said O’Neill. “To create those orders manually in our system—especially in our busy season—would be a formidable task indeed.”


The Manischewitz Co has since grown and implemented a new warehouse management system of its own, which provides some similar tools as LogiView. But employees still rely on LogiView for the vast amounts of supply chain management information it can provide. Other Hermann Warehouse clients have grown attached to the LogiView system as well, logging on to track any of the products, no matter where they are bound at any time of day.

For Hermann, LogiView is just the icing on the cake for clients that need easy access to shipping information. It’s another tool for salespeople who are trying to show why Hermann is the right choice for a variety of 3PL companies. In today’s competitive warehouse management environment, it’s important to do everything possible to set one’s self apart.

To learn more about Denver CO-based Cadre Technologies, visit www.cadretech.com/ or call toll-free 866-25-CADRE.

Access www.hermanntds.com/ for more information on Hermann, or phone 800-524-0067.

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