TOTE Maritime selects VesselConnect solution

TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico, a shipping carrier specializing in moving cargo between the US mainland and Puerto Rico, has selected ORBCOMM Inc to provide its GSM-based VesselConnect solution to remotely manage TOTE Maritime’s fleet of smart refrigerated containers at sea.

The carrier is using ORBCOMM’s telematics solution to monitor and control its refrigerated container fleet transporting temperature-sensitive, high-value goods such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and candy on land. Addition of VesselConnect extends connectivity to the water, providing TOTE Maritime with seamless visibility and control of its assets along the cold chain from point of origin to destination.

VesselConnect allows TOTE Maritime to receive critical data from its containers, including reefer status, temperature and slot location, while on the vessel or on shore through any Internet-connected device. TOTE Maritime can adjust reefer set points and conduct pre-trip inspections on-board, reducing manual labor and expediting cargo distribution on land. In addition, Vessel Connect provides TOTE Maritime the precise temperature monitoring capabilities and records needed for compliance with the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act regulatory requirements.

A key benefit of VesselConnect is enhanced crew efficiency and safety by eliminating the need to manually check temperature status and condition of reefer containers. If an alarm occurs, it will be automatically displayed on the VesselConnect console, and an engineer can be promptly sent to check and resolve any issues. The system also identifies non-performing equipment, so shore-based staff can be alerted in advance that repairs are needed.

“As shipping lines move to the increased use of GPS and GSM-enabled containers, they need to fill the traceability gap on vessels at sea, and ORBCOMM’s VesselConnect solution provides end-to-end visibility of refrigerated container operations,” said Marc Eisenberg, ORBCOMM’s chief executive officer.

“By deploying ORBCOMM’s VesselConnect solution, we have access to comprehensive, real-time information about our refrigerated sea containers that enables us to not only maximize the safety and efficiency of our supply chain operations, but also better serve our customers,” said Jim Wagstaff, vice-president of operations, TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico.

TOTE Maritime expects to complete deployment of VesselConnect in late second quarter 2017.

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