Wabash makes Air-Weigh preferred option

The Air-Weigh 5802 trailer scale is now available as a preferred option on all Wabash National dry freight and refrigerated van trailers through the Wabash online ordering system.

This scale shows actual on-the-ground trailer axle weights. It can be used by itself and is also compatible with Air-Weigh tractor scales. All Wabash trailers with a factory-installed Air-Weigh scale will include an LED overweight warning light. When adjusting the suspension slider, drivers can use the warning light to tell when the load is properly distributed over the axles. In addition to saving time during loading, the Air-Weigh scale eliminates the need for ground scales at pick-up sites and improves profit margins by reducing idling time, out-of-route miles, and missed delivery schedules.

For more information, visit www.Air-Weigh.com.

TAGS: Components
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