BT9 offers Xsense system

BT9 Ltd has introduced Xsense, an end-to-end cold chain management system that ensures all stakeholders in the cold supply chain have full transparency and control over their perishables— anywhere in the world, at any given time.

Automated analytics generated by the Xsense system, in tandem with the firm’s research and consulting services, provide users the tools to identify chronic cold chain problems. They then can take corrective actions to reduce waste and improve quality, overall performance, and profitability, and deliver food and pharmaceuticals in optimal condition.

“We created the Xsense system in response to the food industry’s lack of real-time and early warning capabilities for consumable perishables,” said Israel Ben-Tzur, chief executive officer of BT9. “Xsense goes far beyond conventional data logger products by providing detailed analytics and expert consulting to enable all stakeholders in the cold supply chain to better understand, track and mitigate the risks associated with breaches of temperature and relative humidity.”

BT9 offers a holistic approach to cold chain management. It proactively monitors, analyzes, and disseminates relevant data and then supplements it with recommendations on how to manage products based on collected information, assuring viability of the product’s desired environmental conditions from start to finish. BT9 also offers, along with its strategic partners, a number of complementary solutions, such as sophisticated container designs and modified atmosphere packaging to further maximize efficiencies in the supply chain.

Temperature management can have different impacts on the optimal nature of a product in each industry sector. In each sector, BT9 experts look at the variations in the cold chain and give specific recommendations to the impact of temperature data in regard to health, quality, and viability of products at all steps in the process. BT9’s system gives context and recommendations of what to do with information generated in the cold supply chain process.

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