GCCA will help create Job Skills Game

The Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) has announced that it will work with iQx10, an AVR job skills game publisher, to create an industry-backed Job Skills Game for the temperature-controlled warehousing industry.

This game will be available to the general public to play for free through the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Microsoft Store. Gamers who are proficient at the simulated real-life warehousing activities could even be considered for job opportunities at GCCA member company warehouses.

The partnership between GCCA and iQx10 includes agreements for price discounts for GCCA members, content licensing opportunities and consulting services using GCCA industry experts. Through the partnership, iQx10 will allow GCCA to offer its members price discounts on iQx10’s products and services, including product placement opportunities for warehouse service and product providers as well as discounts on the recruitment platform for warehouse companies.

With this partnership, iQx10 will gain a global sales channel comprised of GCCA members, or more than 1,100 companies in 77 nations. These members serve the food industry, providing temperature-controlled third-party warehousing and supply chain services. They have approximately 37,000 employees in North America and contribute $4.7 billion to the North American economy.

“The new job skills app game is a fun and interesting way to drive awareness and excitement for the cold storage industry, which is one of our key strategies as an association serving this sector,” said Corey Rosenbusch, president and chief executive officer of GCCA. “We hope that it gives people a glimpse into our members’ worlds.”

Visit www.gcca.org or www.iQx10.com/ for more details.

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