Lascar cold chain data loggers are reusable

Lascar Electronics has launched a new range of cold chain data loggers designed to specifically monitor and track temperatures of environments such as temperature-controlled warehousing and storage areas.

Each logger is pre-configured with temperature range, sample rates, and alarm thresholds for typical applications, and is reusable—with more than 12 months of battery life.

Requiring no setup, each logging session is activated simply by pressing the “Start/Status” at the top of the credit card-size device, and can store up to 32,600 temperature readings. During the session, pressing the same button will light up the status LEDs at the bottom of the card to give an instant visual indication of whether temperature storage conditions have entered an alarm condition at any point.

Included in the range are two data loggers designed for Chilled and Frozen applications:

•Chilled—conditions between 8° and 2° C, with a 10-minute logging interval

•Frozen—conditions between –16° and –20° C, with a 10-minute logging interval

At the end of the logging session, users tear open the plastic wallet to access the USB connector, which is then plugged into a PC to access and download the data. Using the free EasyLog EL-CC software, users can visualize data as either a graph or table, or export the raw data in to various formats for use in external reporting. Once the data has been downloaded, the logger can be reset for its next use.

Data loggers are available from priced at $20. Significant discounts are available for higher-volume orders. Contact Lascar’s sales team at 814-835-0621 for further information, or access

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