Pelican BioThermal expands in South America

Pelican BioThermal, a provider of temperature-controlled packaging solutions serving the life sciences industry, has announced two partnerships with BioThermal Solutions of Chile and NatBio of Brazil.

These partnerships align with Pelican BioThermal’s goal of further expansion of its global network to better serve those with cold chain logistics needs, including the pharmaceutical and life science industries.

“With the continued growth of the global healthcare cold chain logistics market, it is important that we are able to offer customers asset management solutions that make sense for the complex shipping lanes required for their business,” said Kevin Lawler, vice-president of worldwide sales at Pelican BioThermal. “Global partners like NatBio and BioThermal Solutions, as well as our newly opened and operational global service centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Singapore, provide the opportunity to effectively extend solution-based offerings within growing and emerging world markets.”

Both NatBio and BioThermal Solutions offer cold chain logistics support in South America. Located in the heart of Sao Paulo, Brazil, NatBio was created to meet the growing demands of specialized clinics and provides differentiated products through logistic and distribution with standards that exceed those required by the market. BioThermal Solutions, based in Santiago, Chile, which offers Pelican BioThermal solutions exclusively, provides cold chain maintenance solutions throughout Chile.

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