Preferred Freezer Services opens New Jersey facility

Preferred Freezer Services opens New Jersey facility

Preferred Freezer Services is celebrating the grand opening of its newest state-of-the-industry temperature-controlled warehouse in Elizabeth NJ.

This fully automated facility encompasses more than 10 million cubic feet combining precision automation with rapid product transfer, making it among the most efficient warehouse technology used in the United States.

Assembled at the grand opening event November 14 were nearly 300 cold chain partners, community business leaders, and senior executives. The guests witnessed how curve-going, rail-guided robotic stacker cranes can precisely handle pallet loads of goods in complete darkness, as two pallets per minute move from the loading dock to the freezer at each high-speed door. This “lights-out” automated freezer is Preferred Freezer Services’ third automated operation in the United States and fifth to open worldwide.

John J Galiher, president/chief executive officer of Preferred Freezer Services, said, “Now that we are two years past the initial learning curve implementing automation, we are able to seamlessly launch fully automated facilities and take the technology to even higher advanced engineering levels.”

With a career dedicated to refrigeration engineering and building design, Galiher is constantly investing in improving energy efficiency, refrigeration optimization, and automation design in order to best serve client needs.

Headquartered in Chatham NJ, Preferred Freezer Services has grown from a single facility in 1989 to 27 locations with additional facilities planned. It operates sites in New York/New Jersey, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Vietnam, and China.

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