SmartWatt Energy retrofits Stewart's Shops lighting

SmartWatt Energy retrofits Stewart's Shops lighting

Stewart’s Shops, a family- and employee-owned chain of convenience stores in upstate New York, is saving nearly $78,000 per year in total lighting costs after a lighting retrofit installed at its corporate headquarters in Saratoga Springs NY. The retrofit was installed by SmartWatt Energy, an energy efficiency firm headquartered in Albany NY. This project will pay for itself in just 16 months.

SmartWatt Energy conducted a construction-grade energy audit of the facility, including offices, loading docks, laboratories, and storage and freezer space. Then it engineered a plan to replace the existing lighting system with energy-efficient T-8 and T-5 fluorescent lighting in most of the spaces and to install LED lighting in all of the freezer space.

“The ice cream freezer was the latest phase in a larger energy-efficiency project we’ve been working on with SmartWatt Energy for the last couple of years,” said Gary Dake, president of Stewart’s Shops. “We appreciate their ability to help us reduce costs, while helping us achieve ambitious sustainability goals. Their execution was flawless—clearly, cold storage projects are their specialty.”

Energy-efficient lighting installed by SmartWatt Energy will save 783,481 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, or equivalent to removing 1,175,222 pounds of carbon dioxide from the environment. SmartWatt Energy has awarded Stewart’s Shop a Sustainability Award for dedication to improving energy-efficient operations.

SmartWatt Energy provides whole-building energy assessments and implements lighting retrofits, variable-frequency drive upgrades, control system enhancements, HVAC upgrades and other mechanical enhancements. Its energy-efficiency systems include construction-grade energy audits, value-engineered designs, self-performed installations, utility incentive procurement, facilitation of EPAct 2005 tax deductions, and maintenance support.

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