Storax/Flexspace will showcase solutions

At the Global Cold Chain Expo in Chicago IL’s McCormick Place from June 20-22, 2106, Storax America/Flexspace will showcase its high-density, mobile industrial storage solutions. These solutions are designed for increasing storage capacity, increasing accessibility and productivity, and decreasing the facility footprint.

For more than 50 years, Storax has been an industrial storage innovator. Its Poweracks mobile racking system and Ranger high-density pallet shuttle are in use in more than 60 nations in a range of industries and applications.

The Poweracks system consists of a racking superstructure installed to a powered moving base. It replaces conventional static aisles with one moving access aisle. This design combines direct access with a substantial increase in storage density.

The Ranger is a high-density modern storage solution that automatically circulates pallets on a shuttle system by handheld remote control or a WiFi PDA device. Using advanced photocell technology, the Ranger intelligently detects and positions itself underneath a pallet, delivering and extracting pallets with a tunnel system.

These automated storage solutions increase storage capacity, increase accessibility, and eliminate underutilized (dead) aisle space.

Other advantages include:

•Decreased operating costs—A smaller, automated facility with greater storage capacity will require less manpower, less maintenance, and less downtime.

•Decreased energy costs—Greater storage capacity coupled with a smaller facility footprint will require less lighting, less heating and cooling, and less equipment.

•Greater product accessibility—Poweracks and Ranger provide unobstructed access to every storage position, eliminating double-handling of product and reducing product damage.

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