Ken-Tool provides line of tire inflation restraining devices

Ken-Tool has released a new line of tire inflation restraining devices. The line of two- to seven-bar devices are tested and certified to address higher 130-psi inflation pressure levels, the company said.

According to Ken-Tool, this new pressure level certification was prompted by the introduction of the 455/55R22.5 load range M truck tire, which is rated up to 130-psi inflation pressure. This tire and wheel configuration is growing in popularity for drive and trailer axles, replacing dual wheel/tire combinations.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Standard #29 CFR Part 1910.177 requires that inflation restraining devices contain 150% of a tire’s rated inflation pressure during a failure. To verify the ability of the cage to absorb the energy released during failure, Ken-Tool tested a truck tire on a multi-piece wheel at 195 psi.

A video of the testing is available on YouTube (

“Ken-Tool is particularly pleased to achieve this new pressure level certification for its US-built tire inflation cages, including those we’ve made in the past,” said Rock Tyson, vice-president, sales and marketing for Ken-Tool. “This allows all of our customers servicing tires to know that Ken-Tool cages are safe for use with these new tire and wheel combinations.”

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