Phillips adds Weather-Tite to Permaplug

Phillips has added a sealing component to its Permaplug to create the Weather-Tite Permaplug. It’s the same Permaplug, only now with a thick, rubberized protective seal. The Weather-Tite seal has a three-blade Nitrile wiper seal to lock out the elements and corrosion-causing chemicals.

Adding the Weather-Tite seal to the Permaplug will become standard on Phillips electrical assemblies currently outfitted with Permaplug connectors.

Features of these new connectors include:

•Blue nitrile sealing rings that stop magnesium chloride and other debris from entering socket

•Mates with any SAE approved seven-way conductor socket
•Wiper seals are field-replaceable
•Connector rear is sealed with compression clamp and TPR sleeve for further corrosion protection
•Cable guard is ratchet-locked, preventing vibration from loosening guard
•Connector has ABS bumper
•26-gauge brass insert pins have stainless steel compression springs
•Standard with dielectric grease

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