PrimAir Universal fits most trailer dimensions

Thermo King has introduced its new PrimAir Universal Insulated Bulkhead, in partnership with ITW Insulated Products. The PrimAir Universal offers adjustments to fit multiple trailer heights and widths, while its user-friendly design increases the unit's portability and convenience.

“The PrimAir Universal's design eliminates practically all the sizing problems associated with conventional bulkheads,” says Jason Forman, Thermo King category specialist — accessories. “Because of this product's universal design, it fits virtually every trailer dimension.”

This bulkhead provides the same full temperature separation as other PrimAir bulkheads. Because of its thermally efficient design, the PrimAir Universal will seal both new and even older, bowed trailers. This lets the unit be moved easily from trailer to trailer within a fleet.

Simplified installation is another benefit of this product. The bulkhead comes in a two-piece, lightweight design that is easy for fleet drivers to handle. Installation time can effectively be reduced because of this product's easy-to-use design.

For more details, contact Thermo King, Minneapolis MN.

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