Utility Trailer introduces new trailer and product features

Utility Trailer Manufacturing has introduced its reengineered 4000D-X Dry Van trailer and is making Bendix brake components standard equipment. In addition, Utility Trailer has joined with ATDynamics to help launch a rear-drag reduction device for trailers.

The 4000D-X has been reworked for added strength and productivity. It features the industry's lightest thin-wall composite design that integrates exceptional strength and the lowest tare weight to reduce fleet operating and maintenance costs, said Jeff Bennett, Utility Trailer vice president of engineering and product development.

The sidewall panel design features a high-density polyurethane foam construction ‘sandwiched’ between the high-strength inner and outer skins, forming a composite that securely bonds them together. “The result,” he said, “is a stronger, stiffer composite panel that absorbs more energy, and when coupled with our heavy duty wearband options, extends the trailer's useful life.

“The new composite panel design of the sidewall is an efficient, lightweight and stronger panel that provides a perfect upgrade from conventional plate trailers.”

The 4000D-X has 4,085 cubic feet of capacity, versatile load securement capability, and Utility Trailer's SnagFree recessed galvanized logistic posts for damage-resistant loading.

The trailer has as standard a stainless steel rear door frame and “the strongest integrated rear threshold plate.”

“Utility Trailer was the first trailer manufacturer to offer a qualifying model, the 4000D-X, to be certified by the US EPA as a SmartWay trailer when equipped with weight-saving technologies and aerodynamic devices such as side skirts and low-rolling resistance tires,” noted Utility Trailer senior vice president of sales and marketing Craig Bennett

Drag reduction

Utility Trailer has teamed with Advanced Transit Dynamics (ATDynamics) to launch its aerodynamic TrailerTail — a rear-drag reduction device for trailers. The device cuts emissions and fuel costs by as much as 5 percent, plus improves vehicle safety by providing additional stability and reduced spray at the trailer rear.

A collapsible extension, the TrailerTail attaches to swing doors.

“The TrailerTail will offer our customers an option for significant added fuel savings,” Bennett said.

Brake components

Beginning this July, Utility Trailer will offer as standard position on base model dual-axle trailers the Bendix SR-5 spring brake relay valve, in combination with the Bendix TABS-6 antilock braking system (ABS).

Currently, Utility Trailer provides Bendix automatic slack adjusters and spring brakes on all models.

The SR-5 valve provides premium performance under extreme conditions, said Bendix officials. Its design offers the fastest spring brake release.

The Bendix TABS-6 ABS was chosen to allow Utility Trailer an easy upgrade into the next-generation trailer stability system, the Bendix TABS-6 Advanced.

Utility Trailer will also offer the Bendix ADB22X air disc brake as a databook option. The lightweight brake reduces total wheel-end weight while providing fast and easy pad replacement, reduced maintenance, and longer brake life.

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