FDA takes action against New Jersey cheese maker

The US Food and Drug Administration announced intentions to ask a federal court to shut down a New Jersey cheese manufacturer with an alleged history of operating under unsanitary conditions and producing cheese contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

A complaint was filed by the US Department of Justice for permanent injunction against Quesos Mi Pueblito and two of its officers, Felix Sanchez and Jesus Galvez. The complaint alleges that recent inspections by the FDA and the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services found Listeria-contaminated cheese and unsanitary conditions at the Passaic NJ company.

If entered by the court, the injunction would stop the company and its officers from manufacturing and distributing food until they can bring their operations into full compliance with FDA food safety regulations and produce cheese that does not test positive for Listeria. The complaint for permanent injunction was filed in the US District Court–District of New Jersey.

Quesos Mi Pueblito manufactures and distributes various soft, semi-soft, and hard Mexican cheeses in grocery stores and supermarkets in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Consumers can report problems with FDA-regulated products to their district office consumer complaint coordinator. For more details, call 888-INFO-FDA.

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