RLS Logistics completes energy sustainability project

RLS Logistics completes energy sustainability project

RLS Logistics, a temperature-controlled logistics provider offering integrated supply chain systems to the refrigerated and frozen food industry, recently completed a major sustainability project at its Pittston PA logistics center.
Its new energy-efficient SmartLighting system, designed and installed by SmartWatt Energy, is estimated to save 678,931 kilowatt-hours(kWh) of electricity per year. This reduction in energy will have an equivalent effect on the environment as removing 795,872 pounds of carbon dioxide or planting 117 acres of trees, according to US Environmental Protection Agency calculations.
“One of the things our customers ask us constantly is, ‘What are you doing to cut your costs? To help us save money?’ A lot of the bigger retailers want to work with a company that is heavily involved with sustainability,” said Anthony M Leo, chief executive officer and president of RLS Logistics. “Our customers look to us to provide that sustainability solution for them.”
After conducting a full-building energy analysis of the Pittston facility, SmartWatt engineered a system to replace T-12 fluorescent and metal halide lighting systems with more efficient technologies. Its goals were to help RLS Logistics save money and increase safety. SmartWatt chose to install high-performance T-8 fluorescents throughout office space and LEDs throughout 16 refrigerated and freezer warehouse rooms and four loading dock areas. Motion controls were also added throughout the facility.
Due to superior performance of the new lighting system, SmartWatt was able to install fewer lighting fixtures, further reducing energy consumption and environmental impact while providing a better quality and quantity of light. The project resulted in a dramatic reduction in lighting and refrigeration energy costs and substantial maintenance cost savings, while increasing the facility’s safety.
For more information, visit www.smartwattinc.com.

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