Testa Produce continues ‘greening’ delivery fleet

Testa Produce, which added two all-electric trucks to its delivery fleet earlier in 2013, is now adding 10 new trucks that run on clean-burning, low-cost domestic compressed natural gas (CNG).

The new 24-foot refrigerated CNG trucks will replace biodiesel trucks in Testa’s fleet, helping the foodservice distribution provider to lower its carbon footprint even more and to bring the company closer to its goal of zero dependence on foreign oil within five years.

Manufactured by Cummings (chassis) and Kidron (refrigerator body), Testa’s CNG trucks are quieter, have lower emissions, and require less maintenance than diesel/biodiesel trucks with no loss of power or mileage. In addition to being more eco-friendly, the new trucks deliver cost savings. CNG is priced at around $2.60 per gallon compared with biodiesel’s recent $4.30 to $4.89 per gallon including tax, according to Stephanie Testa, distribution manager at Testa.

Adding CNG delivery vehicles is in line with Testa’s commitment to raise the bar on sustainability in the foodservice distribution industry. The company is the first perishable food distributor in the nation to earn LEED Platinum, the highest certification available from the US Green Building Council, for its state-of-the-art “green” distribution center. The facility incorporates energy-saving solar, wind, and water technologies. Before piloting electric and CNG trucks, Testa was one of the first to convert its entire delivery fleet to biodiesel and all company cars to hybrids.

“We are always looking for innovative, cost-effective ways to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Peter Testa, president of the company. “Powering trucks with clean, renewable domestic compressed natural gas is an alternative-fuel solution that we’re excited to implement. Along with our electric vehicles, CNG will help move reduce our dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels. As a transportation-based business, we’re demonstrating that we can, indeed, operate in much more sustainable ways.”

The first of Testa’s new CNG-powered trucks arrived in late June 2013. Nine more will be delivered over the next few months as leases on existing trucks expire.

Access www.testaproduce.com for full information.


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