Thermo King launches CARB Compliance Plus

Thermo King launches CARB Compliance Plus

Thermo King, a manufacturer of temperature control systems for mobile applications, has launched a CARB Compliance Plus promotion to help customers achieve California Air Resource Board (CARB) compliance through 2019 while upgrading their systems with Smooth Air Blower fuel-saving technology. Customers will receive a free Smooth Air Blower with installation on applicable units.

Customers can also gain more peace of mind with an additional one-year extended warranty that brings the total engine warranty period to three years.

The Thermo King CARB system provides low life-cycle costs with reduced fuel consumption and predictable maintenance requirements.

The Smooth Air Blower can be installed on existing Thermo King SB and SB+ trailer units to realize the efficiency gains of the new SB-230 unit design. This blower has improved efficiency and can lower fuel usage by up to 7%, increase unit capacity by up to 4%, and improve pulldown time.

Each CARB engine and retrofit kit purchased will include a free Smooth Air Blower Kit, one-year extended engine warranty (for a total warranty period of three years), and a 3,000 Extended Maintenance Interval Filter Kit for the first preventive maintenance service. An X430 remanufactured compressor can be purchased and installed with the CARB engine to qualify for a free one-year extended warranty (for a total warranty period of three years).

Eligible systems must be ordered by December 15, 2012 and installed by January 31, 2013.

Participating dealerships will offer special pricing of $285 for parts plus two hours of installation time for SB-200, SB-210, and Spectrum SB Units. The promotion is effective through December 31, 2012.

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