TRU compliance technology options list online

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has published a list of diesel particulate matter control technology options for complying with the Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM).

A list of currently available compliance technology options for meeting the ATCM’s In-Use Performance Standards is now available at

The December 31, 2009, compliance deadline for model year 2002 and older TRU engines is approaching. Lead times for delivery and installation may be up to three months for some compliance technologies. Orders for compliance technologies should be placed, taking lead times into account. After Dec 31, 2009, all non-compliant TRUs will be cited and penalties up to $500 per unit will be assessed. There will be no allowances for late ordering.

In other news, “Truckin’ News Q and A” is a new monthly column published by ARB to answer questions from the heavy-duty diesel driving community regarding compliance with ARB regulations.

Each month, the column will address questions concerning both current and upcoming regulations. Topics will include the State Heavy-Duty Truck and Bus regulation, SmartWay technologies for longhaul trucks and trailers, port and drayage truck requirements, and other laws and activities pertaining to diesel engine owners. The first column will feature the most commonly asked questions about upcoming deadlines for trucks that service ports.

The column can be added to any print or online publication as a syndicated feature. To have a question answered in the column, e-mail it to [email protected]

Find more news related to the California Air Resource Board and 2010 Emissions, including Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) rules, air pollution regulations, engine emissions requirements and other topics that affect the refrigerated trucking industry, visit these sections—California CARB & 2010 Emissions.

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