ACM, CryoPort offer dry-vapor shipping

ACM, CryoPort offer dry-vapor shipping

ACM Global Central Lab has announced the launch of a liquid nitrogen based dry-vapor shipping system in collaboration with CryoPort Inc (OTCBB: CYRX), a provider of frozen shipping systems for the global life sciences industry.

After a six-month effort to validate both technological elements and international regulatory capabilities, ACM confirmed that CryoPort’s dry-vapor technology is in compliance with the global regulatory standards and stable temperature profiles to ensure specimen viability. As part of ACM’s validation effort, the company assessed the movement and temperature profile of almost 600 unique specimens over a multitude of shipping lanes, including international clinical trial hubs in India, China, Southeast Asia, and Europe. ACM is now offering this cold chain shipping system at cost savings compared with dry-ice shipping methods to global customers.

The reusable CryoPort Express LN2 Dry Vapor Shipper is designed to meet the needs of clinical labs, diagnostic companies, research organizations, and the biotech and pharmaceutical industries by allowing tissue samples, blood and other biological material to remain frozen at or below -150ºC for 10+ days, in contrast to the current industry practice of dry-ice packaging, which often requires re-icing during transit.

“With international courier costs consuming a significant portion of all global protocol budgets, we believe this new service offering from CryoPort can be an attractive and innovative alternative. Not only is the actual shipment more cost-effective, the increased cost of adding more dry ice during transit to protect specimen integrity is eliminated,” said Tracy Hendershott, ACM Global’s vice-president of clinical trials.

ACM’s services extend to more than 60 nations with all tests conducted and managed from central lab facilities with seamless data management providing a single database. The organization performs 13 million tests each year. For more information, visit

CryoPort provides cold chain logistics services through the combination of purpose-built proprietary technologies and turnkey management. The CryoPort Express liquid nitrogen-based dry-vapor shipper is validated to maintain a constant –150º C temperature for a minimum 10-day dynamic shipment duration. The CryoPortal Logistics Management Platform manages the entire shipment process, including initial order, document preparation, customs clearance, courier management, shipment tracking, issue resolution, and delivery. For more details, visit

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