Motorola offers freezer-rated computer systems

Motorola Solutions Inc (NYSE: MSI) has announced three new products that will withstand the demands of extremely cold environments.

The Omnii XT15f is the latest addition to the Psion Omnii line of rugged handhelds, and the VH10 and VH10f are new vehicle-mounted mobile computers designed for freezer and heavy-condensation applications.

Designed for use in freezers that hold perishable food and temperature-controlled refrigerators storing medications, Motorola’s new freezer and condensation-rated mobile computers are engineered to thrive in these demanding conditions. They come with field-replaceable pistol grips, keyboards, touchscreen, and data capture options to help simplify repairs while reducing total cost of ownership.

The modular Omnii XT15f industrial mobile computer is ideal for data capture and traceability applications in food production and pharmaceutical facilities, warehouses, and the grocery market as well as ports and rail yards in cold and humid climates.

Offering “frost-free” scanning technology for uninterrupted usage, the Omnii XT15f automatically defogs its scan window, ensuring bar-code scanning while moving in and out of cold, condensing environments. Specialized keyboards are designed to resist freezing keys and overcome ice build-up simply by pressing the keys.

Featuring an easily identifiable blue bezel, the Omnii XT15f is available in condensation-resistant (Chiller) and condensation-free (Arctic) models along with freezer batteries designed specifically for ultra-low temperatures.

Leveraging the modular Omnii platform, Motorola’s VH10 vehicle-mounted mobile computers are intended for forklift trucks, straddle cranes, and other vehicles used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and intermodal terminals.

With the optional quick-release mount, the VH10 series is easy to install and remove and built to withstand continuous operations in industrial environments.

This series also is equipped with a rugged keyboard with 12 dedicated and configurable function keys to address compatibility requirements with both legacy and web-based warehouse management systems (WMS) and other supply chain enterprise applications.

The VH10f is optimized for freezer environments with its system of heaters for protection against internal and external condensation. It includes a heated touchscreen to help improve mobile worker productivity and reduce downtime.

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