MP Global Products unit’s name changes

MP Global Products, a Norfolk NE-based manufacturer of environmentally preferable products, has announced a new name for its thermal products division.
The division previously known as ThermoPod Packaging Products is now known as MP Global Thermal Packaging Products. This change is in name only. The foam-free packaging—super-insulated mailers and corrugated-box liners made from select, purified and flocked recycled enhanced cotton fibers—features the same specifications, testing, and certifications and delivers the same performance. Products are carefully engineered to protect shipments of all manner of temperature-sensitive payloads, ranging from fine foods and wine to medical, veterinary, pharma, and cosmetics.
The enhanced cotton materials are completely aerobic and anaerobically biodegradable in less than one year when in the presence of active microorganisms as verified by ASTM D-6400 biodistintegration testing and in accordance with 2013 FTC Green Guidelines.
Going forward, MP Global Thermal Packaging Products is the cornerstone of branding efforts for all division products. The name change will affect product labeling, marketing, and advertising—online and in print—and will be reflected in a new web address:
Access or call 888-379-9695 for complete details.

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