Solar Cool coatings elevate compressor performance, lower operational costs

Solar Cool transport coatings are designed to increase compressor performance and lower operational cost. It accomplishes this by reducing the effects of degraded roof insulation and the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays that make compressor units run harder and longer.
•Problem #1: Insulation—As a refrigerated trailer ages, its insulation system will degrade because of trailer damage, moisture intrusion, and insulation outgassing. However, insulation degradation is largely due to normal aging of the trailer. As a result, the cooling unit has to work harder to make up for this loss of thermal efficiency, causing cooling unit run-times and fuel costs to increase. Eventually the insulation will degrade so much that the unit cannot properly pull down or have enough cooling capacity to get the job done.
•Problem #2: The roof is a large heat source—A standard refrigerated trailer roof is made from a sheet of uncoated aluminum covering polyurethane foam insulation. Although aluminum has a good reflectance rating (.71), it has a low emittance rating (.09). This is why on a sunny 90° F day, the roof temperature on a refrigerated trailer can reach 165° F, plus effectively turning the roof into a heat sink, transferring heat through degraded insulation into the trailer interior.
•Solution: Solar Cool transport coating—By coating the rooftop of a refrigerated trailer, the dynamics of the roof change, reflectivity improves to .84, and emittance improves to .86. The roof stays cool, eliminating the heat sink effect and countering the loss of r-value in the insulation. This allows the reefer unit to run more efficiently.
Testing by the Southwest Research Institute showed this coating reduced roof temp by 47 degrees on a 90° F day.
Check out test results at All testing was performed independently and the results furnished to Solar Cool. A Fuel Savings Calculator and Environmental Impact Calculator are also offered on the website.
Access or phone 267-664-3667 for complete information.

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