AirSept Refrigerant Canister Filter helps prevent downtime

AirSept Refrigerant Canister Filter helps prevent downtime

You don’t expect your truck air-conditioning refrigerant cylinder to be contaminated before its first use, but it happens. There can be contaminants in the gas, as well as debris from weld seals in the cylinder.

AirSept’s new Refrigerant Canister Filter protects against A/C service equipment downtime due to debris and contaminants in the virgin refrigerant cylinder.

The Refrigerant Canister Filter also helps protect a shop’s A/C refrigerant supply from contaminants. At more than 25 times the cost of R-134a, the new 1234yf refrigerant is worth protecting against debris and other contaminants.

AirSept’s new filter traps metal shavings and non-metallic debris. Install the filter inline between the virgin refrigerant canister and the fill hose to the tank in an A/C recover/recycle/recharge machine. It traps any debris exiting the cylinder and prevents it from entering and contaminating the shop’s existing refrigerant tanks and ultimately, the service equipment and customers’ vehicles.

The internal screen features a tapered design that forces debris to the side, ensuring that the center of the filter remains open for flow.

AirSept’s Refrigerant Canister Filter uses superior sealing technology for leak-free performance. The filter features multiple O-rings and OE-fit connector design for long-term durability.

This filter is compatible with 1234yf, R-134a, and other refrigerants. Available with ½ Acme and ¼” SAE flare fittings, the filter is serviceable and replacement screens are provided.

AirSept is a Tier 1 or Tier 2 supplier to 16 OEMs. Access the website at or call 800-999-1051 or 678-987-0500 for more information.

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