Beacon’s dock truck restraints increase loading dock safety

Beacon’s dock truck restraints increase loading dock safety

Beacon Industries Inc has introduced a new and improved series of dock truck restraints designed to increase overall loading dock safety. These are electric-hydraulic models that prevent tractor-trailers from prematurely leaving the loading dock area. A hot-dipped galvanized hook attaches to the trailer’s ICC bar to hold the trailer firmly in place.
These dock truck restraints are designed as an entire system to increase dock safety. In addition to the BEVR650 vehicle restraint, this unit includes an outside dock traffic light, an inside control box, and one inside and two outside driver warning signs. This allows the user to provide both a visual warning with the dock lights and signs as well as a physical barrier with the truck restraint, making accidents less likely to occur. By allowing dock workers to communicate with the truck worker, loading and unloading can occur smoothly with fewer risks. Use of wheel chocks is recommended as an added safety measure.
The BEVR vehicle restraint features an operating range from 12" to 30", able to service most trucks and docks. A 50,000-lb operating force ensures that trailer creep and premature departure do not occur.
Instead of the standard control box, users may choose to substitute it with the optional Versa Panel, a control box with NEMA 12 enclosure. The Versa Panel is a single control station that controls the BEVR650 and either a BHD5 or BH5 hydraulic dock leveler, as well as the overhead door. By combining all controls in a single place, this lowers the chance for mistakes. Consolidating multiple control boxes into one central station also reduces loading dock clutter.
Users are advised to contact their insurance underwriter when installing dock truck restraints since they may qualify for reduced insurance premiums. Installation does not require any concrete or pit work; the unit is anchored at the front of the dock wall using 4"-thick dock bumpers.
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