Benefits of pre-cooling, re-cooling products explained in white paper

Benefits of pre-cooling, re-cooling products explained in white paper

Global Cooling Inc is one of the innovators worldwide in forced-air pre-cooling. The company offers the Jet-Ready and Rapid-Cool pre-cooling systems.
In partnership with Jim Thompson of the University of California–Davis, Global is publishing a series of white papers to help packer/shippers to better understand forced-air pre-cooling, and thus reduce costs and increase profits.
The most recent white paper is titled Re-cooling, and explains the necessity of, and benefits from, re-cooling after breaks in the cold chain, such as fumigation and delays due to border crossings.
Thompson is co-author of Commercial Cooling of Fruits, Vegetables, and Flowers, as well as numerous other how-to and research articles on many post-harvest topics.
Here is an excerpt from the Re-cooling white paper:
“Perishables in international trade often must be fumigated before they can be distributed in the destination country. Methyl bromide, requires most products to be warmed to above 40° F (4.4° C) prior to fumigation. After fumigation, the product must be re-cooled prior to re-entering the cold chain. Most items in international trade are packed in corrugated fiberboard boxes and cannot be hydro- or ice-cooled. Fruits and many vegetables are not suited to vacuum cooling, leaving forced-air cooling as the only viable option. The treatment process is speeded with the use of forced-air re-cooling after fumigation.”
For more information, including a free copy of Re-cooling, access, and go to the “Tips & Techniques” page. Global Cooling can be contacted by phone at 1-610-248-9800 or email at [email protected]

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