Boreas direct-injection nitrogen cooling offers an efficient alternative

Boreas direct-injection nitrogen cooling offers an efficient alternative

Visitors to the annual National Private Truck Council (NPTC) Exhibition in Cincinnati OH recently were among the first to learn about a new direct-inject nitrogen cooling system from Boreas Nitrogen Cooling Systems, a JFE Industries company.
The Boreas nitrogen cooling system offers climate-controlled transportation companies an alternative to conventional diesel-powered refrigerated systems. This new system offers improved cooling performance, including more precise temperature control, faster cooldown times, and no freeze-over. The Boreas system offers fuel savings and a reduction in operating costs, and its minimalist design makes it easy and less expensive to maintain than traditional cooling units.
This system also offers significant environmental benefits. It only operates when cooling cargo and generates zero carbon emissions during operation. The system’s near-silent operation is attractive to operators traveling in residential areas, and provides safety thanks to a variety of built-in safeguards and sensors.
“The direct-inject nitrogen cooling system is one of the most disruptive new technologies that the transportation industry has seen in a long time,” said Hazen Sills, director of business development for Boreas. “More control, less expensive to operate, eco-friendly, and safe, the Boreas system is the answer to the market’s demand for a better solution and industry leaders are already beginning to take note and express interest in this new technology.”
The system has been in beta testing in California for more than two years, with 42 of the systems in operation. This development and testing process has led to several technological and process enhancements and resulted in procedural and training changes to further increase safety and efficiency. With the completion of this testing phase, the technology is now ready for widespread use.
For more information, access and request a demonstration.

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