DAT InView system lets small carriers track, locate power units

DAT InView system lets small carriers track, locate power units

DAT Solutions announces DAT InView, a fleet management solution that enables small for-hire carriers to track their power units and locate them precisely and instantaneously.

This system provides drivers, dispatchers, and fleet managers with real-time, verifiable trip data on speed, hard-braking, idling, and detention time, as well as engine data and maintenance fault codes. In addition, DAT InView offers automated compliance reports, including IFTA fuel taxes, and, most importantly, futureproof electronic logs for hours of service.

Installing in minutes, DAT InView immediately transmits and receives information, enabling turn-by-turn directions, check calls, and other communications between driver and dispatch.

DAT InView comes in three packages, starting with a $30 monthly subscription.

Portland OR-based DAT Solutions operates a large network of load boards and is a source of supply and demand trends, rate benchmarking, and capacity planning information. Related services include a directory of companies with business history, credit, safety, insurance and company reviews; broker transportation management software; fuel tax, mileage, vehicle licensing, and registration services; mobile resource management; and carrier onboarding.

Founded in 1978, DAT Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Roper Technologies. For further information, access www.dat.com/products/fleet-services.

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