Dearman plans to exhibit zero-emission cooling technology at TCS&D

Dearman plans to exhibit zero-emission cooling technology at TCS&D

Clean cold technology company Dearman will be exhibiting its pioneering zero-emission transport refrigeration technology with Hubbard Products Ltd at the upcoming Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution show (TCS&D). This event will be held September 13-14 at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, England.

Dearman and Hubbard, which is part of the global Daikin Group, are working together to bring the environmentally friendly and economically attractive Dearman engine-powered transport refrigeration system to market.

Dearman is developing a range of efficient zero-emission cold and power technologies that use cutting-edge liquid nitrogen engines. The first such technology to come to market is a clean transport refrigeration system, which has had previous successful trials with Sainsbury’s and with MIRA, as well as Loughborough University and Air Products.

The zero-emission system being developed by Dearman and Hubbard will offer significant environmental benefits. This system emits no harmful gases or matter, such as NOx or particulates—only clean air or nitrogen. Existing diesel transport refrigeration units are lightly regulated and can emit up to 29 times as much pollutants as a Euro 6 truck engine. Replacing these disproportionately polluting auxiliary engines with a zero-emission alternative such as Dearman’s will immediately improve local air quality.

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