Direct and Select liftgate charging systems have patented indicator lights

Direct and Select liftgate charging systems have patented indicator lights

Purkeys announces a line of liftgate charging systems with patented indicator lights.

Keeping liftgate batteries charged can be a challenge. Purkeys’ new patent-pending Direct and Select liftgate charging systems will increase charge time and easily see if everything is working properly.

This new consolidated line of liftgate charging systems ensures the liftgate batteries work when you need them, and indicator lights give the user confidence that the batteries will last the entire route.

Purkeys recently developed the Direct and Select systems to remedy liftgate battery problems. Clients asked the company for a charging system that worked with the myriad combinations of tractor electrical configurations and also intuitively checked for problems before they start. The firm responded with the two new controllers.

When installed, the automatic systems use a DC-to-DC converter to more effectively charge liftgate batteries. Importantly, Direct and Select monitor available electrical resources of the vehicle, charging the liftgate batteries without compromising the source batteries’ ability to start the engine.

Indicator lights clearly show when liftgate batteries and charging source are operational or not. This light system will show if there are any issues and where to start diagnostics, allowing an operator to make repairs before a breakdown.

The Direct system uses a single source as its liftgate charging source, but fleets can choose from a variety of path options. The advanced Select system lets the user choose from multiple charging sources and provides the best available source from the dual/single combo, reefer, or seven-way. Because the system can accommodate any of the variety of configurations presented by each tractor, it is ideal for companies that lease trailers since they don’t always know how tractors are configured.

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