Dockzilla mobile yard ramps, portable loading docks boost productivity

Dockzilla mobile yard ramps, portable loading docks boost productivity

Leum Engineering Inc is heating up the loading dock industry with the official launch of the Dockzilla family of mobile yard ramps and portable loading docks.
Designed with ergonomic and employee safety features that meet or exceed OSHA loading dock requirements, Dockzilla mobile and fixed position products increase productivity by up to 80% over manual loading/unloading. Eliminating the construction expense and hassle of installing a permanent loading dock, these large yet maneuverable workhorses can be relocated to other projects or when a business moves.
Available in multiple configurations, the Dockzilla product line includes mobile yard ramps, impactable yard ramps, portable loading docks, dock-to-ground ramps, self-standing platforms, cross-docks, and custom alternatives to permanent loading dock construction.
“Dockzilla products are engineered to handle the heavy lifting, whether customers are simply unloading a van with a hand cart or unloading massive 30-ton bulldozers,” said Grant Leum, president of Minnetonka MN-based Leum Engineering.
Raising the bar for the loading dock industry, Dockzilla products are designed to handle daily trailer unloading and forklift impact load force backed by a five-year standard warranty. The mobile yard ramps, the most versatile offering in the Dockzilla lineup, are equipped with these patent-pending features that virtually eliminate human interaction and minimize employee effort:
•Support legs—Heavy-duty, adjustable safety support legs create a self-standing product that doesn’t rely on a truck driver who could unexpectedly pull away.
•Integral dock leveler—An integral dock leveler is hinged to float with trailer bed vertical movement, versus fixed lips that can cause forklift tire damage or dangerous bumps that the forklift would have to traverse over time and again.
•Handrails and wheel chocks—Handrails keep employees safe on the elevated platforms and wheel chocks ensure trailers remain in place.
•Automatic kingpin engagement—The exclusive ergonomic design includes automatic kingpin engagement that attaches a forklift to the ramp to eliminate any manual lifting.
•Automatic wheel placement—Tapping the power of a forklift, automatic wheel placement ensures that minimal human effort and absolutely no hand pumping are required for engagement of these products.
The Dockzilla brand of loading dock products is backed by a network of in-market experts who provide local, on-site assistance and support across the United States.
Access or call Leum Engineering directly at 1-800-637-3036.

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