DuraTherm shipping containers, EPS foam coolers fill user’s needs

DuraTherm shipping containers, EPS foam coolers fill user’s needs

ACH Foam Technologies’ DuraTherm insulated shipping containers and EPS foam coolers come in a combination of standardized sizes and custom-designed shipping containers to meet any need.

Providing a combination of packaging protection and thermal insulation, these products can be imprinted with a company logo and are produced in a full range of assembly and kitted solutions.

These recyclable and environmentally friendly products contain no CFCs, HFCs, or formaldehyde while supporting a range of product cooling needs from frozen, refrigerated, or controlled-room temperature shipping.

Whether it’s a cooler from the company’s variety of standard sizes or a custom-designed foam insulated shipping container specific to user requirements, ACH Foam Technologies can provide the best combination of protection and thermal value.

The company has several sizes of DuraTherm insulated shipping containers ranging from 6" x 5" x 4" to 21" x 13" x 12".  It can evaluate user needs and shipping methods to design a custom DuraTherm EPS foam cooler to match. DuraTherm gel refrigerant packs are recommended in conjunction with DuraTherm insulated shipping containers/EPS foam coolers for perishables that require additional refrigeration during shipment.

Go to www.achfoam.com/insulatedshippingcontainers.aspx for further information.

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