Eco Flaps chosen by Wabash National as provider of mud flaps

Eco Flaps chosen by Wabash National as provider of mud flaps

Eco Flaps has been named a preferred provider of aerodynamic mud flaps by Wabash National for its commercial refrigerated and dry van trailers.

These splash guards offer both proven fuel savings and a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay verification, attributes that Wabash National is confident its customers will appreciate.

The SmartWay program has verified the fuel saving benefits of Eco Flaps at 1.25% on trailers. EPA-verified technologies receive the SmartWay verification status after they are rigorously tested and evaluated for their ability to save fuel and reduce emissions for vehicles.

To comply with Phase 2 greenhouse gas regulations, many commercial tractor and trailer manufacturers are searching for the most cost-effective and proven ways to increase fuel efficiency. These regulations mandate EPA-specific standards for efficiency and controlling emissions for manufacturers, requiring them to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase fuel economy goals.

Eco Flaps not only provide a solution geared toward better fuel economy, but they also contribute to reduced maintenance and safer roads.

These patented aerodynamic splash guards are manufactured from high-impact nylon. Invented by a truck driver looking for a solution to rainy-day road spray, Eco Flaps now are installed on more than 100,000 tractors and trailers in North America. They come in multiple sizes ranging from 18" x 24" to 24" x 36" to meet each truck’s dimensions and are backed by a full two-year warranty. The splash guards are also available in custom colors with custom graphics.

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