HD PowerSmoke rids threat of exhaust fumes coming inside cabs

HD PowerSmoke rids threat of exhaust fumes coming inside cabs

Redline Detection announced that its HD PowerSmoke ensures the safety of truck and bus drivers (and passengers) by eliminating the threat of toxic carbon monoxide fumes entering the cab.
In fleets where HD PowerSmoke is not in use, the odorless and tasteless gas escapes through undetected leaks in the exhaust system into the cab. Traditionally, visual inspection has been the only choice for detecting these leaks until now.
In a single 10-minute procedure, HD PowerSmoke can reliably detect any boosted intake or exhaust leak, pinpoint its exact location, and precisely identify failing components. This saves heavy-duty truck operators and fleets time, keeps drivers and passengers safe from dangerous exhaust fumes, and ensures that vehicles stay on the road. With this technology, fleets can be assured there are no exhaust leaks and that driver cabin/passenger compartments are fully sealed, affording a double layer of safety protection.
For nearly two years, Redline Detection has worked in collaboration with major OEM engineers to design and deploy HD PowerSmoke to dealerships and repair centers, resulting in immediate, quantifiable results for owners and operators.
HD PowerSmoke is specifically engineered to apply the precise pressure and volume of vapor needed to test integrity of HD intake systems and exhaust systems in one quick procedure—with the engine safely off. Redline’s patent-pending PowerSmoke Adaptors expand to seal off most every intake or exhaust system with every brand of heavy-duty trucks, as well as medium-duty.
By generating variable vapor pressure from 2 to 20 psi, HD PowerSmoke gives technicians the ability to vary flow as different types and sizes of leaks will be easily visible at different pressures. It creates a dense, long-hanging, easily visible vapor without use of dyes or other contaminants. Many OEMs prohibit the use of dyes in diagnostic testing as they may coat critical sensors and void warranties; once injected, dyes can never be fully removed from the system. HD PowerSmoke’s OEM-mandated vapor-producing fluid is safe for technicians, vehicle engines, and the environment.
To learn more, access www.redlinedetection.com.

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