InsulWall insulated curtain wall meets fire resistance standards

InsulWall insulated curtain wall meets fire resistance standards

Randall Manufacturing’s insulated curtain wall, InsulWall, is engineered to meet fire safety building requirements. InsulWall’s ASTM E-84, Class A fire rating enables it to meet many different local, state, or national building product codes.
One of the most prescribed performance indicators referenced in building codes is the flame spread and smoke developed index. InsulWall has been tested in accordance with ASTM E-84, the standard test method to rate the surface burning characteristics of building materials. Both InsulWall’s heavy-duty18 oz vinyl and its recycled insulating core independently obtained a Class A (1) fire rating, with a 0-25 flame spread rating and less than 450 smoke developed index—both are the highest possible scores. InsulWall is also available as a Class A composite.
“InsulWall continues to make contributions to the building industry that address critical issues like fire safe construction,” said Fred Jevaney, president of Randall Manufacturing.  “Our engineers and sales team embrace a forward-thinking product approach to continue to address industry challenges and requirements.”
InsulWall offers facility managers, engineers and contractors a flexible, modular wall system that is suitable for virtually any temperature-controlled industrial or facility environment. Constructed with recycled insulation encased within heavy-duty, durable vinyl, InsulWall provides optimal temperature control with R values up to 15 and temperature separation up to 40° F (22° C).  InsulWall can also contribute to LEED certification for its recycled content.
In addition to InsulWall’s fire-resistant qualities and superior thermal performance, InsulWall’s ease of installation, reusable panels, and ability to absorb sound make it an excellent alternative traditional walls or rigid panels.
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