New alternators, starters can handle medium-, heavy-duty use

New alternators, starters can handle medium-, heavy-duty use

The LoadHandler Power Products all-makes starter and alternator line now offers six new alternators and starters in a variety of application configurations to provide 100% new, drop-in replacement coverage for popular medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

LoadHandler Power Products starters and alternators are a value- and solutions-driven line of rotating electrical products that are fully application-tested for medium- and heavy-duty applications. Each product was engineered to meet and exceed OEM specifications and carries a one-year warranty.

The new alternator series—a reliable source of power in a high-efficiency, high-output package—now includes 140-, 150-, 160- and 200-amp coverage in several brushed and brushless designs engineered specifically to meet medium- and heavy-duty applications.

The new starter series—utilizing a high-torque, high-efficiency design to provide fast, reliable starting power—now includes heavy-duty gear reduction and straight-drive starters, precisely engineered for common medium- and heavy-duty applications.

Each 100% new drop-in replacement product features application-specific technology to help ensure durability and performance in an array of operating environments.

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