OVEN Industries temp controller operates with thermoelectric modules

OVEN Industries temp controller operates with thermoelectric modules

OVEN Industries, provider of precision temperature and sensor applications, offers a field-configurable, low-cost temperature controller designated as the 5R9-350.

This open-board temperature controller is specifically designed with a proportional integral control algorithm to provide the most precise control to thermoelectric (Peltier effect) modules at an economical price.

The controller can be set up for cooling or heat or cool and can run a Ramp & Soak profile. Pulse Width Modulation controls the power level in the thermoelectric module at a base frequency of 2.5 KHz; output stage is high-resolution.

Accessories available with the 5R9-350 include a digital display, keypad, sensors and cable.

Founded in 1964, OVEN Industries specializes in the development of custom electronic temperature controllers and sensors along with turnkey contract manufacturing capabilities and international sourcing. It also carries a full line of standard products that are purchasable online, including temperature controllers and sensors, thermistors, thermocouples, and power supplies.

Contact OVEN Industries at 877-766-OVEN for more specific information or go to www.ovenind.com.

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