OVEN Industries temp sensors address wide range of requirements

OVEN Industries temp sensors address wide range of requirements

OVEN Industries Inc, provider of precision temperature applications, offers a broad spectrum of temperature control and sensors to meet most industry demands.

Temperature sensing has a tremendous impact on the outcome of product reliability and certainly product process control. To truly control temperature requires accurate temperature controllers and sensors in combination. Fortunately, OVEN Industries provides both to any industry.

The company has been in the temperature business for more than 50 years and is ISO 9100- and AS9100C Aerospace-certified. This certification means the company has to not only have accurate internal documentation control, but also any components or materials used in its products must come from known and reliable sources.

Here are some of the temperature sensor types offered by the company:

•Temperature sensors

•Thermistor sensors

•Thermocouple sensors

•Probe sensors

•Thermo electric module sensors

•Waterproof sensors

•Process application sensors

Oven Industries, founded in 1964, specializes in the development of custom electronic temperature controllers and sensors. It supplies precision electronic devices that serve an array of clients.

Contact the company at 877-766-OVEN for detailed drawings and pricing or access www.ovenind.com.

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