Penray’s new service kits extend engine life, restore performance

Penray’s new service kits extend engine life, restore performance

Motorists and technicians alike are always looking for ways to extend engine life and restore engine performance to original levels. Penray Inc has introduced two new chemical service kits that do exactly that.

Penray’s new 2-Step Oil and Fuel Treatment Kit #7702 offers a simple-to-use chemical service kit that removes debris and deposits from fuel systems, while fortifying engine oil with a specially formulated compound that strengthens and extends the life of engine oil. The combination of these two products enhances the effectiveness of any oil change service.

The 2-Step product includes Penray’s Total Fuel System Cleaner, which is particularly effective in dissolving and removing harmful deposits throughout the fuel system. It removes debris, varnish and other contaminants from fuel tanks, fuel lines and highly sensitive fuel injectors, resulting in more complete and consistent combustion. The result is an engine that is easier to start, is more responsive, and achieves improved fuel economy and lower emissions levels.

This kit also includes Penray’s oil treatment, which includes detergents and other additives, increasing lubricity and life of both conventional and synthetic engine oils. Use of this additive promotes easier starting, prevents dry start-ups, and extends the life of critical engine components.

Penray is also introducing an upgraded 3-Step Premium Oil System Cleaner kit, #7603, which includes the same oil and fuel supplements as the 2-Step kit and adds Penray’s Crankcase and Differential Cleaner. This cleaning agent is useful on higher-mileage engines, those which have seen severe service, or those that have not had regular oil and filter changes. The cleaner is designed to be added to engine oil five minutes before draining. It works to dissolve gum, sludge and varnish throughout the crankcase.

After five minutes of running with this cleaner, the oil is drained out, along with all debris the cleaning agent has loosened. This product is equally effective in cleaning differentials, especially those that may have been contaminated by high water or flooding.

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