Purkeys Solar Bolt uses power of the sun to charge liftgate batteries

Purkeys Solar Bolt uses power of the sun to charge liftgate batteries

Purkeys, a company that provides electrical solutions for the heavy-duty trucking industry, has introduced a new product to provide fleets with a charging solution that uses alternative energy.

The Solar Bolt has a patent-pending design that integrates solar charging with a vehicle’s traditional charging system to help keep liftgate batteries charged.

“Over the last year, we have been researching solar energy to see how fleets can best use it to reduce costs,” said Justin Purkey, chief executive officer. “We tested the capabilities of solar panels on trailers, and we examined the practicality of using the sun’s energy to charge batteries. Our findings led us to the Solar Bolt and its patent-pending technology.”

Purkeys’ product provides an advantage for fleets when compared with other solar charging systems. The Solar Bolt was specifically constructed to integrate into the electrical system of a heavy-duty vehicle by applying patent-pending technology that supplies power to the electrical system and batteries via solar power even when the vehicle is running.

“We wanted to provide fleets with a charging system that would keep batteries at a good state of charge,” said Dale Henningson, Purkeys’ chief engineer. “We designed the Solar Bolt to work in conjunction with the heavy-duty vehicles’ electrical system. That way fleets can utilize the sun’s free energy when the vehicle is on or off.”

The Solar Bolt is easy to install and seamlessly integrates into heavy-duty vehicles’ charging systems to help keep tractor and liftgate batteries charged. By using solar power as a practical way to supply energy and reduce the electrical load on the tractor, it can counteract parasitic loads, charge batteries, and help reduce fuel consumption over time.

Watch the video on this product.

For more information, access www.purkeys.net.

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