Raymond walkie pallet truck carries a load of new features, benefits

Raymond walkie pallet truck carries a load of new features, benefits

The Raymond Corporation has introduced the new Raymond Model 8210 walkie pallet truck featuring AC technology, which offers superior maneuverability and speed control, the flexibility to adapt to extreme environments, and easy service and maintenance.

When working in tight areas such as trailers or liftgates, the Model 8210’s maneuverability and speed control give the operator superior handling. Its exclusive Click2Creep technology automatically reduces maximum travel speed while also providing a tighter turning radius for pin-wheeling or right-angle turning. Raymond’s ACR System technology and static torque control improve speed control and transitions, especially at low speeds.

“We work closely with our customers and listen to which features are important to them,” said Sue Rice, product manager for pallet trucks and stackers at Raymond. “Their feedback includes many new features reflected in the Model 8210. Delivery customers are delighted with these enhancements.”

Some of these features include:

•Exclusive Lift and Go technology prevents wear to the underside of forks.

•Stainless steel undercarriage pins prevent corrosion in wet applications.

•New reflective materials on logos are ideal for low-light applications.

•Easy-to-access electric brake release retains braking ability when engaged.

The Model 8210 now comes standard with IP65 protection of electronics, meeting the highest standard for water and dust protection. This ensures reliability and performance in extreme wet conditions and during pressure-washing—in addition to a range of options for harsh environments.

Durability is standard on the Model 8210 with a ductile iron frame and undercarriage components for longer-lasting, more-resilient performance. The removable, ribbed bumper uses the same material found in automotive truck frames to combine accessibility with strength, resilience, and efficiency. Engineered with fewer components and maintenance points, the Model 8210 provides longer component life and supports easier access to components.

To learn more, go to www.raymondcorp.com or call 800-235-7200.

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