Rear View Safety designs series of systems for forklifts

Rear View Safety designs series of systems for forklifts

Rear View Safety offers systems for every type of vehicle. The Brooklyn NY-based company, which has been an industry leader in the sales and distribution of vehicle safety solutions for more than a decade, has announced a series of safety systems designed specifically for forklifts.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, forklift accidents cause around 34,900 serious injuries and 85 deaths every year. Rear View Safety’s camera systems for forklifts increase overall safety, boost productivity and prevent costly product damage.

The RVS-77F6033 Safety Camera System for Forklifts with 5-inch Display features a 5-inch TFT LCD digital color display equipped with backlit buttons that illuminate in the dark. This system includes three mounting options. Operators can select from a flush-mount, a U-bracket, or a traditional mount—all included with the system. The heavy-duty waterproof camera can be drilled into the fork or affixed with an included adhesive, and features a precise 45° viewing angle for examining pallets. A forklift rewinder cable, sold separately, helps with installation and extends or retracts as forks rise or descend.

Rear View Safety also offers a wireless safety solution designed specifically for forklifts. The RVS-557FW Wireless Safety Camera System for Forklifts with 5-inch Dual Screen Display easily installs in minutes and features instant pair, allowing the operator to pair the system without leaving his or her seat. Two cameras can be viewed simultaneously with the dual screen display. The waterproof camera has a magnetic base, further easing installation. The RVS-557FW is equipped with four video inputs, allowing the connection of up to three additional cameras.

To find out more about these systems, or to learn more about the range of backup camera system products Rear View Safety provides, visit or call 800-764-1028.

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