SafeConnect electric standby connection eliminates safety risks

SafeConnect electric standby connection eliminates safety risks

Atlantic Dynamics has announced the release of its new product, SafeConnect—an electric standby connection system for trailers and straight trucks with refrigerated storage. SafeConnect’s patent-pending design eliminates the risk of shock and electrocution for both 230- and 480-volt electric standby operations.
Safe, efficient, and green, SafeConnect is an electric standby connection system that allows vehicles with temperature-controlled storage to safely use electric standby power. Atlantic Dynamics claims it is the only 100% safe electric standby connection system on the market.
“Other electric standby connection systems pose serious safety threats when not disconnected properly, which presents large liability issues to fleet owners, operators, and managers,” said Sarah Gray, product manager at Atlantic Dynamics.
“With SafeConnect, our unique quick-release connection system will self-disconnect upon sensing tension and abruptly stop the power flow between the source and vehicle,” she said. “Therefore, not only does the connection system cleanly disconnect in the event of an accidental ‘drive-away,’ but you’re also never dealing with live wires. If it’s not connected, it’s not on. Any cable that is left on the ground is dead, meaning that the next person to come in contact with the unattended cable is 100% safe.  SafeConnect protects you, your yard, and employees from the arcing and livewire risks of driver shock, accidental drive-away, and improper disconnection.”
SafeConnect’s rugged design is safe and easy to use in any weather—rain, snow, or sleet. The electrician- and driver-preferred two-part connection system consisting of a truck-trailer kit and docking station installs easily and is built to last. The docking station’s patent-pending six-pin plug connects easily to the truck-trailer kit without risk of shock, power surge, or electrocution.
“If you can plug in a lamp, you can plug into the grid,” said Gray. “SafeConnect allows you to safely reduce your diesel fuel consumption—and fuel costs—so you can help your bottom line while still keeping your employees safe.”
It’s good for the planet, too. With SafeConnect, the user can safely cut the carbon footprint while cutting costs. With this driver-friendly system will come improved operating efficiency and better usage of infrastructure.
For more information about SafeConnect or other Atlantic Dynamics products, access or call 207-767-7529.

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