SAVSU adds liquid nitrogen shippers for frozen transport

SAVSU adds liquid nitrogen shippers for frozen transport

SAVSU Technologies is extending its product line with the addition of two new evo dry vapor liquid nitrogen shippers for frozen transport of biologic materials at –196° C.

Both new models share the new evo Fusion System, which combines the Fusion Smart Cap and Fusion Quick Core for extended dynamic performance and faster charge times. The two new models are the evo DV-4 with four-day autonomy for domestic shipments and the DV-10 with 10-day autonomy for international shipments. The DV-4 is about half the weight of standard full-size, large-neck, dry vapor shippers.

In addition to rapid charging, the new evo Fusion system is safer and easier to load and unload, provides a safer method of storing biologic materials such as a manufactured cellular therapy, and in the case of the DV-4, offers improved ergonomics for cell therapy manufacturers and clinicians.

Both evo DV models are smart and communicate with evo Vision, SAVSU’s  cloud-based data and communications SaaS. With the addition of the –196° C product line, SAVSU now offers products to support the entire temperature range for source materials and manufactured cell therapies. All share a common data system, specifically designed for live cell therapy companies.

evo Cold Chain 2.0 is a disruptive live cell visibility platform consisting of the evo Smart Shipper family and evo Vision cloud-based, live cell visibility platform for temperature-sensitive biologic materials and drug products.

SAVSU is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance cloud-connected passive storage and transport containers for temperature-sensitive biologics and pharmaceuticals.

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